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Description of The Crypto Quickstart Guide:

Passionate Crypto investor
“spills the beans” on how to get on the Crypto train before

it leaves the station forever…

Serial Entrepreneur, Proud
Father and Crypto Evangelist

Fellow Crypto Investor!

And if you’re not investing in
Crypto right now…

You are missing out! Missing
what 63% of millenials are buying right now. In fact what will
be remembered by your children as the single biggest wealth
building opportunity of the last 30 years. And here is the
good part!

Dozens of digital currencies
are exploding as much as 3,475%, 21,611% and even 81,465%.

Many of my own investments have
already returned 500%-800% gains in the last few months!
I just bought a stealth altcoin for just 52 cents per coin and
it’s already up 780%…
in just three weeks!
After my family and friend saw how much I was making they
begged me to write the book on what I was doing.

So I did! And after friends of
friends started asking for it I realized I needed to share it
with everyone.
Does it cost money? Yes, it does.

Why, you ask? Well, because it’s over 250 pages of step by
step tutorials, how to’s, case studies, examples and specific
trading systems you can use today.
And… let’s be serious for a moment. We are talking about
making more money than you may have ever had in your whole
life. And… It’s legal. It’s legit. And you can do it in your
spare time. So let’s do the math.

But let’s get back to Crypto
for a few more minutes
Check out this recent Forbes headline…

And there are another 50+ hedge
funds in the pipeline!
Once these guys get in the Crypto market is set to out perform
all other investments by 1,000+%
Billionaires want in. But due to regulation they haven’t been
able to jump on Crypto and other blockchain investments
directly. That is changing because…
From “…Under the leadership Rep. Jared
Polis and Rep. David Schweikert, co-chairs of the Blockchain
Caucus, the Cryptocurrency Tax Fairness Act
has been introduced in Congress”

little guys like us risk being left OUT of this “once in a
lifetime” opportunity.
Regular folks like you are not participating… but why?

Number one is valid but my book
will blow that out of the water
Number two is also fully addressed in the “Bitcoin for
Beginners” section
Number three is true if you can’t afford to potentially
“lose” a couple hundred bucks!

But I don’t think that applies to you!

So if you like the look of what
you see here right now, download my easy to read, 110%
guaranteed eBook, follow the steps, make money, and then you
get to laugh at all your fuddy duddy friends who are afraid to
make money in Crypto!

In the Crypto

Quick Start Guide I’ll almost “hold your hand” and teach
you everything I know about how to make money from Cryptos.
With my exclusive book and follow up email support, you’ll get
all the information you need to get started making money in
the red hot Crypto market. Which has just started to take

Many of these
lesser-known Cryptocurrencies are still trading for pennies!
In fact, I recently bought another Cryptocurrency for just .23
And it’s already up 780% in just three weeks!

And if you follow my proven
3-step-by-step methods laid out on page 73 of the book, you
could potentially cash out with enough to not need to worry
about money again in just a few months from today.
Just like what happened to some early Bitcoin investors.

I know that’s a big claim, but
these kinds of rags-to-riches stories are happening everyday.
Let’s have a look at Verge, a new Cryptocurrency that worked
to up the privacy tech from where Bitcoin’s left off.
You most likely have never heard of it.

Remember: most Americans WILL
NEVER make that kind of money in their entire lifetime.
Yet anyone with the right knowledge, a bit of guts and who
didn’t listen to the nay-sayers could never have to work
again. And just FYI: I am well on my way to this exact result
using the exact same skills and tips I teach in my eBook.

Imagine, you, a Crypto
millionaire all by taking a small simple step right now,
downloading the book and making one single right trade.
Do you now see why your children will never let you forget it
if you miss out what may be the biggest financial boom ever?
But, the door is closing. The train is leaving the station,
but if you run you can still catch it. So you must act now…
while there are Crypto currencies that are still cheap.

Because this Cryptocurrency
explosion won’t last forever, nothing can.
In fact, these heady days may be over sooner than anyone
wants. Or to quote a famous orange haired guy: Or they may
Either way when the easy money part is over you may NEVER see
a life-changing financial opportunity like this again.
Okay, you got my attention, Sasha, but what do I need to do!
There’s so much bad intel out there.
Basically it means you have a small window, an “early adopter”
period of opportunity to act.
One that’s closing with each passing day. Remember when your
mom wanted to friend you on Facebook? That time is coming soon
for Cryptos and meanwhile…

While you wait, someone
else is growing rich from Crypto!
Just take a look at some of the recent gains from some of
these little know digital currencies:

These are NOT annual gains.
These are NOT monthly gains.
These are gains that happened in a one day!
Some of these Cryptos are jumping 28%, 49%,and even 90%…
In 24hrs! Makes your “high interest” savings account at 2.1%
look pretty frikkin sad.

Take a look at your retirement statement in your mind right
now. Come on, you know roughly what your assets and
liabilities are. Everyone does. If you don’t, then you REALLY
need some Bitcoin in your portfolio!
Here’s the bottom line. If you aren’t in Crypto and are legal,
I know you’re NOT making these types of gains in a year!
This kind of growth is only available in the beginning phase
of an S-curve and that’s where we are right now!/>

It’s why your kids will call
you and complain no end if you miss this!
And if you miss it, (which you won’t, right?) I guarantee
you’ll regret it for the rest of your life, if you
appreciate money and how it can help you, your family and
the world.
That’s why I am so passionate and want you to download my free
Crypto picks and eBook today. Don’t let this pass you by!
The eBook will literally show you everything you need to get
started. Safely, securely and with minimal stress or risk.

But before I show you
how to download the eBook, let me really introduce myself.
Like I mentioned before, my name is Sasha LeBaron.

Some of you may have heard my name before, because I’ve “been
around on the internet for a while now.” I have multiple books
published, have done professional mountain biking, worked with
NASA, trained submarine pilots with National Geographic and
GreenPeace and started a bunch of successful businesses.

What most of the references on the net fail to note is that
I’m also a lifelong computer nerd.
I wrote my first sentence online on an Apple II+, and I’ve
been surfing, writing and hacking for the past 35 years!
I’m telling you this because when it comes to
Tech savvy is a good thing.
Of course it goes without saying that, digital currencies are
created by computer programmers.
That means you can best understand them if you can read
backend information specific to each currency.
If you know what to look for and can poke “under the hood” a
bit you can make some serious cash. Remember even Bitcoin has
gone up 380% times in the last few years.

Bottom line…
Don’t expect the mainstream media to show you how to make a
fortune from new tech trends, including digital currencies,
because they’re always late to the party.

Without the step-by-step plans
in my book, most others are too.
Don’t forget the misinformation out of there too:
People getting scammed into investing in the wrong
Cryptocurrencies, hackers, ransom ware. I cover it all and how
to stay safe with your newfound digital cash.

So please pay close attention.
I’ll show you what I’m doing with my money, my family’s money,
the money I plan to leave to my kids and grandkids.
Then you can decide for yourself if this is right for you
right now.
And while you are reading this…

There are
Cryptocurrencies exploding 3,475%, 21,611% and even
81,465%… in a matter of months.
A small number of geeky bleeding edge tech folks who
understand what’s going on have made life-changing fortunes. I
tell some of their stories in the book too.

I want YOU to be the next
success story…
Don’t worry if you’ve never invested in Cryptos, even if you
have no clue what a Doge coin is.

You could still walk away with
a life-changing fortune…
Because this exclusive beginner’s guide package has everything
you need to know to get started.

There are others out there
selling all-singing all-dancing systems charging anywhere from
hundreds to thousands of dollars for similar information.
But for reasons that will soon become clear, I want you to get
started for less than the price of a dinner out, starting
right now today.

Because every day there are
Cryptocurrencies exploding 1,445%, 3,611% and even 11,465%.
And amazing as these gains may be to those on the outside,
it’s just getting started.
How can I say that?

Because to date
Cryptocurrencies are following a three-stage expansion that
has been proven over, over and over again, in every single
financial boom in history.
Without exception!
And according to booms of the past, we’re about to enter the
most explosive phase of this growth…
Giving you a chance to turn what you might spend on a good
dinner or an night at the pub into a retirement fortune in the
next year, without taking significant risk!

Making serious money
from Crypto can be as easy as 1-2-3
The current Cryptocurrency boom is following the same script
that has played out over, over and over again.
You see, every time a new “Big Thing” comes out it follows a
sequence of three exact stages:

First, only truly “out there”
folks are courageous enough to invest in the new trend.
That’s stage 1.
Then, hedge funds and billionaires (the so-called “big money”)
jump in.
That’s stage 2.
Finally, the public joins the party, triggering a massive
explosion in price.
That’s stage 3.
If you know how to use this roadmap, you could make an
absolute fortune starting today.

Let’s look at how this 1-2-3
cycle works out…
How about the 1990s boom in tech stocks.
Early 90s, most people didn’t even know what the internet was.
While most people were dismissing the technology as a fad…
Early adopters like my friend Fraser, who now never does
anything he doesn’t want to and runs a passion project space
site with over a million users, got it. In 1995, he predicted
every company would need a website. So he helped big
corporations get online.
Many Canadian Bank websites got on the internet thanks to him
and his “HTML” whatever that is!
That was stage 1 of the boom!
Netscape going public in late 1995 woke up the rest of us
outside Silicon Valley and started the world taking the
internet seriously.
That’s when institutional investors started joining the party,
with pension funds and hedge funds making a fortune when
companies like Yahoo and Amazon went public.
The additional flow of money from the “big money” helped push
tech stocks ever higher.
That was stage 2 of the boom.
But the public was still not “in the market”!
It wasn’t until 1999 that the masses finally started jumping
into tech stocks.
Tech stocks jumped even higher…
Attracting more and more people…
And that was the third and most explosive stage of the boom,
with the Nasdaq exploding more than 85% in 1999 alone./>
I’m telling you this because my research shows that
Cryptocurrencies are following this exact same script.
First, bleeding edge radicals like Vitalik Buterin.
Then, the big money investors.
And finally the public.
So keep this sequence in mind, because you can use this simple
script to turn a dinner out into a retirement fortune…
in the next 12 months, if you follow a plan.
There’s no need to risk your hard-earned money trying to guess
when these currencies will move…

Because every single
boom in history has followed this script.
The roaring ’20s followed this same roadmap:
Early enthusiasts invested in the new tech, such as radio, the
car and easy access to electric power.
1924 big money moves in.

Late 1920s the news started
coming out of overnight fortunes.
Regular folks started to wonder: “Why not me?”

Some started borrowing money
just to buy stocks. The result?
Stocks went straight up. In 1928 alone, the stock market
Remember not only stock booms follow this 3-step progression,
either. 2000 housing boom also followed this roadmap:
Housing prices explode from 2003 to 2006, when we entered
stage 3 of the boom, when anyone who was alive could get a
mortgage and flipping houses became a national obsession.
And it’s not just here in the US.
In fact. No matter what it is, telephone adoption, Japanese
stocks, the washing machine…
No matter the geographic location…
And no matter what year…

Every single transformation
throughout history has followed the same script.It works 100% of the time.

And in each one of those booms,
people who knew how to use this script walked away with a
Those who didn’t… lost money

So where are we now in this digital currency adoption cycle?
Let’s look at the three stages, using Bitcoin as an example.
Bitcoin “goes public” in 2010, very few people understood the
Much like the internet in 1994, most people dismissed it as a
useless technology.
Only rebels, kids and kooks invested in Bitcoin (now many of those are millionaires or even billionaires).

Unfortunately the truth is… the

big money in Bitcoin has already been made by early, early
adopters. Yes you should have some but the real money will
be in other coins.

That was stage 1 of the boom.
We’ve moved into stage 2 around 2015, when institutional
investors, “got the memo” and started trying to invest in
Bitcoin. But lucky for you, they have been held back like a
guard dog on a leash.
Let me show you how…

The big money is going
all in.
What started in 2015 has only intensified.

You see, “big money” is not just looking at Bitcoin anymore.
With hundreds of Cryptocurrencies exploding 3,445%, 21,681%
and even 71,467%, they’re now investing in smaller, alt coins
and ICO’s.
Like I mentioned before, at least 70 new hedge funds are
getting things in order, just to invest in Cryptos.

Ronni Moas, founder of Standpoint Research, explains this gold
“The floodgates are opening. I believe there are hedge funds
and very deep-pocketed individuals going into this now, with
billions of dollars.”
Here’s more inside intel…

Imagine what will happen when
even a fraction of those trillions start jumping into Cryptos!
Simply put, institutional investors are jumping in with both
feet. This is all part of stage 2 of my script.

And to prove my point,
here’s an “Inside Scoop”
Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia Capital are two of the most
highly respected venture capital firms in Silicon Valley.

That’s because they tend to see major technology trends before
anyone else.
They’ve made billions by investing very early in social media
companies like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
Simply put, when these guys invest in something new, you
should pay close attention.

From a article:
“…Sequoia and Andreessen Horowitz are secretly backing this
Cryptocurrency hedge fund. … meet MetaStable Capital, a
stealthy start-up hedge fund based in San Francisco that
invests only in Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum”

This cuts across every major venture capital, hedge fund and
pension pool on both the East Coast and in Silicon Valley.
I can tell you all these big players are getting involved
because they know we’ll NEVER see a boom like this again.

That’s the power of these
smaller Cryptos, and why I buy Crypto to hold for my kids
almost every day!

You can get started just a few minutes from now when you claim
your FREE Crypto picks and download my easy to follow eBook.

Once you delve into the book, you’ll have all the information
you need to start buying digital currencies from the comfort
of your home… and I will be there with you every step of the
way by email too.

These “crazy” gains were only possible because these Cryptos
were trading for pennies.
Of course, these tiny Cryptos can potentially be a little
riskier, but they’re so cheap that you don’t need to risk a
lot of money to make a fortune and while some will go down
others will go WAAAY up.

In fact, DO NOT put even a large chunk of your nest egg or
investment money on the line.

But while the “Big
money” is going all in, everyday folks are scared to get in.
If you don’t know anything about Cryptocurrencies, don’t
If you are scared to invest, don’t worry.

If you simply don’t know where to start, don’t worry.
You are NOT alone.

Despite the massive investments from “the big money”…
Despite all the newly minted millionaires…
And despite this exploding market…

Ask your friends. Got any Bitcoin? 19 out of 20 will give you
a scare story and one will want to hug you because they
finally found someone who knows what BTC is! Basically mom and
pop have no idea what a Cryptocurrency is.

In fact, at the time of writing, less than one in ten thousand
people holds Bitcoin. BUT 63% of millenials will buy Crypto
before regular stocks.

Ask your friends, spouse and neighbors how much ETH, LTC and
Monero they have.
I bet they’ll have no clue what you’re talking about.

That’s because the masses are
NOT YET participating in Crypto.
The PhD. Chair of the Department of Economics at Long Island
University in New York, agrees.

He said we’re still missing “a broad participation beyond the
‘pioneers’ and the ‘early adopters.’”

And that’s the key to my 3-step script. The S-Curve is coming
and it’s your friend, if you don’t miss the boat!

Because the biggest gains in a bull market happen when the
public joins the trend.
It’s the over the counter mom-and-pop investors that will push
Cryptocurrencies to the moon.

And that’s exactly
what’s set to happen later this year!
You see, with Cryptocurrencies minting new millionaires seemly
everyday, this amazing financial opportunity is grabbing more
and more headlines.

Have a look…
With Cryptocurrencies gaining publicity, the masses will NOT
remain on the sideline for much longer.

Because with the popularity of Bitcoin exploding, when Bill
Gates says Cryptocurrencies are “the future of money”, and
with Japan legalizing Bitcoin as a form of payment, licensing
exchanges and launching Crypto futures…

All this is in progress right now.
Which is why you need to act RIGHT NOW.

You see, eBay, Amazon’s biggest competitor, has already
expressed interest in accepting Bitcoin payment.

And according to Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne, Amazon will soon
have no choice but to start accepting Bitcoins. He said:

“They have to follow suit. I’ll be stunned if they don’t,
because they can’t just cede that part of the market to us, if
we’re the only main, large retail site taking Bitcoin.”

Look, Amazon Web Services has
already been working with Digital Currency Group, one of the
biggest investors in the Cryptocurrency technology.
And Amazon executive Scott Mullins has confirmed it.

Amazon is “working with
financial institutions and [Crypto experts] to spur innovation
and facilitate frictionless experimentation.”

While we don’t know exact dates when this drops, it’s going to
be a huge “kick in the pants” for Crypto awareness.

Once that happens, the impact on Cryptocurrencies will be
I’m betting we are going to see a bull market like a Black
Friday crowd at Best Buy.
And like those who line up, only those who get in early will
get the best deals.
Most people will be left out. Not that they won’t make some
money, they will; they just won’t make the same astronomical
gains that we will.
That’s why I urge you to get in right now.
Stay ahead of the crowd.

Get into the undervalued small
Cryptos in my free report before the big break happens.
Remember, every boom follows this 3-step script:
First, only early adopters bought Bitcoin.
Then, the big money started joining the party.
And now we’re about to enter the third and most explosive
stage where even your dog is buying Bitcoin.

But DO NOT rush to buy
every Cryptocurrency out there!
You see, right now there are over 1,200 Cryptocurrencies
And if you blindly buy, there is a good chance you’ll miss the
huge gainers.
That’s because some altcoins are flawed and when the dust
settles they will eventually go to zero.

Here’s the truth you won’t hear most places:

Quite a few digital currencies
don’t have the tech to make them a viable form of digital
Some aren’t well controlled (inflation).
Others can be easily hacked (copy cat coins).
And others are simply a scam (pump and dump).
How do I know that?

Because aside from being a
Crypto geek myself, I spend WAAY too much time on the internet
researching, talking and sifting fact from Crypto fiction.

For example, DAO…
when the code was vetted what do you know, its very
susceptible to hacking.
Smart money stayed away from that one.

Later, it was hacked and
investors lost millions.
Look, I’ll be the first to concede that many of the
“micro-cap” Cryptocurrencies are risky speculations…

But if you’re avoiding ALL Cryptocurrencies, well, you’re
costing yourself tens of thousands… even millions of
Because the truth is:

Cryptocurrencies are
here to stay!
They’re doing to money what the internet did to mail.
Crypto is the future of money. Why? Let’s talk hyperinflation.

Zimbabwe recently had a 100 trillion dollar note.

Don’t think it could happen in the USA? What if the Saudi’s
started using the Euro as the currency to buy oil (which they
have already talked about)? Check this out:

“According to renowned
economist Marc Faber, hyperinflation in the U.S. is a
certainty within the next 10 years. Mr. Faber has correctly
predicted some of the most important financial events in the
modern era including, the stock market crash of 1987; the rise
of oil, precious metals and other assets in the 2000’s; and on
Fox News in February 2007, he said a U.S. stock market
correction was imminent”

So get some Crypto because when
the SHTF; gold, silver and Crypto are going to be worth
something. All fiat currency fails eventually.
So to all those saying Bitcoin and Crypto are going to fail,
it’s like saying the internet is going to fail.

And remember there are another 3 billion people coming online
in the next 10 years and most of them don’t have a bank
account! Guess what they are already using [right from
their mobile phones]… you got it. Bitcoin. In fact BTC is
usually worth 30% more in Zimbabwe than here in North America.
Why? Because it’s REAL MONEY not like the toilet paper the
Zimbabwean government is printing.

So Bitcoin is here to stay, but
the biggest rise has already happened.
To make the big money you gotta buy the RIGHT
Remember what happened during the 1990s tech boom?
Some people made a fortune during the boom.

At the same time, lots of foolish day traders and IPO junkies
got crushed…
Because they invested in the wrong tech: companies that were
worthless, hype, copycat machines.

I’m sorry to say, history is repeating itself right now in the
Some will make real money, some will do “alright” (20-50-90%)…
and some will frikkin blow up!
And I want you to be along for the ride.

Everything you need to
know is inside the Crypto

Quickstart Guide eBook
It’s NOT available on Amazon or anywhere else.
But you can get in on it today.

In short, even if you know
nothing about Cryptos but want to get in, this is the book for
you.The #1 mistake Cryptocurrency investors are making
right now.
This could be the most important part of the book.
A lot of people who are making this mistake will get wiped
out, but you will NOT be one of them. (See page 43.)

The Crypto geeks secrets to make sure your Crypto
account will be the secure no matter what happens to your
Hint: You can do this even if you know nothing about
computers. (See page 85.)

Complete screening system for Initial Coin Offerings
and how to get in.
With these simple steps, you’ll be able to tell which
Cryptocurrencies are legit, and which ones are a scam.

How to invest in the booming Cryptocurrency industry
directly from your retirement account.
You can even use your IRA. Simply follow my instructions on
page 161.
And much, much more…
You’ll find everything you need to get started inside my
From the philosophy behind digital currencies, to opening an
account, to finding the right currencies to buy, to securing
your investment for the future.
And don’t worry, investing in Cryptocurrencies is so easy even
an ex-heavy equipment operator like me can do it.

You’ll have a
once-in-a-generation chance to secure a comfortable
retirement, if not for you then for your family.
I sincerely believe those who take the right steps today will
be part of a revolution that will literally transform money
and personal fortunes.
A year from now, you could be traveling around the world,
having a green smoothie or a cold drink with your loved ones
in some exotic beach, with the peace of mind that only comes
when you KNOW you’ll never have to work again if you don’t
want to.
Enough to fund your entire retirement…
And still leave Crypto to grow for your kids and grandkids.

You can get started today with my Crypto

Quickstart Guide.

Digital Downloadable eBook:
Printable at your local printer

“I’ve been reading Sasha’
books, following his stuff for years. The reason why I’ve
invested in his stuff is that he provides a TON of value.”
– James T.

But like I mentioned before,
this is NOT for sale anywhere else.
I’m making this available to you because you are a
friend-of-a-friend. Because you got here after receiving an
email from one of my friends in the “helping people have
better lives” space.
That means today the Crypto

Fast Action Report can be yours FREE…

As soon as you grab your copy
of the Crypto
Quickstart Guide today.
And don’t worry…

to recap, here’s everything you’ll get:

So I asked everyone involved to “trim-the-fat” wherever
possible and see what we could do for folks like you that may
not have a lot of money but actually NEED money to secure
their future.

And we worked out a deal that respects our time and costs and
still keeps the price as low as possible for you.

And it means that for just .26 cents a day (remember this
price includes: 24-7 email support and access to the closed
Facebook Group, you can start changing your financial future starting

right now!

And you’ll get everything else I promised today…  But why am I doing this for you?

To answer that, let me tell you
a very personal story that explains everything.I’ve been there. Scraping by. Constantly worrying
about money. Knowing there was a better way but not knowing
where to start.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know
you “can’t take it with you” and that health is more important
than any amount of money, AND once you have the basics handled
money makes your life better!

Now of course my eBook isn’t
for everyone. You have to take action and
take some small risks. However, as Julius Caesar and Ben
Franklin said: “Nothing ventured – nothing gained”. And
in Crypto a small venture can lead to a VERY BIG

So fast forward to today, and
just like you, I’m doing everything I can to make sure my kids
and grandkids will NEVER go through the financial pain I went
And I don’t want YOU to go through it anymore either.

I want you to get started
making real money from the amazing opportunity in the Crypto
market right now.

Because this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to secure a
comfortable retirement.
Like billionaire hedge fund manager Michael Novagratz, I am
putting at least 30% my investment money in Cryptocurrencies…

And I’d like to help you get
started too!
Because I am convinced you and I will never see an opportunity
like this again.
So I’m doing everything I can to get this easy to follow eBook
in your hands. Here’s what I propose…

Take a full 60 days to
test drive it — no pressure.
Because of today’s unprecedented situation in
And because you probably don’t fully know me well…

I’ve also prepared a
special “risk nothing, keep everything” 110% Money Back

And we’ll let you keep
everything you receive during your test drive — at no charge.
You can keep your eBook Crypto Quickstart Guide 
You can keep all the Crypto you bought using the information I

And you can keep ALL the
PROFIT from your Crypto no matter what! You can keep everything. This means there’s no risk to you
at all.
It’s our way of saying “thank you” for giving me the
chance to help you become part of the biggest financial
change hitting the world in our life.

But please don’t delay!
Right now 90% of the people trading Crypto are just like you
— just getting started — and this is great news, but
time is ticking. You see, as the big money gets in, so
do the professional traders, the Crypto whales, and once they
start to dominate the market it’s game over for the little
But before the hedge funds and pension fund managers take over
the market there are literally dozens of Cryptocurrencies
exploding 100%, 500% and even 1,000% or more… every week.

Remember, this may well be remembered as one of the biggest
financial booms in history.


To get started, simply click on the book below.

It will take you to a secure sign-up sheet, where you can
review everything one last time before you download.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to welcoming you
getting started on your very own Crypto journey to financial
freedom in the next few minutes.

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It is possible to lose
substantially more money than you deposited in your account,
if you use leverage in your trading. This can result in a
large debt to broker, and financial hardship.

Under certain market
conditions, you may find it difficult or impossible to
liquidate a position. This can occur, for example, when the
market makes a limit move� or if the price “gaps” from one
price to another (with no offsetting orders available between
the two prices to get you out of your trade). The placement of
contingent orders by you, such as a stop-loss or stop-limit�
order, will not necessarily limit your losses to the intended
amounts, since market conditions may make it impossible to
execute such orders.

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Downloadable eBook: Printable at your local printer

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