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Product Name: Crypto Coin Ranking

Please read description of Crypto Coin Ranking bellow.

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Description of Crypto Coin Ranking:

Hi. My name is Michael and for years I struggled in crypto, especially with
finding winning coins and buying at the right times; that was a real pain! Based
on greed and FOMO, I bought bitcoin at an all-time high in 2014 and then had to HOLD it
for 3 long years in a drawdown! I was so frustrated, I almost gave up! Things
started to improve for me when I joined master trader Alberto and he helped me
to discover what we now call “Crypto Coin Rankings” secret formula and suddenly,
everything I did just WORKED! I could triple my account in a matter of months
even when the market turned red!

Plus the formula made it so easy to find the most winning coins and the
right time to buy them, the rest of it kind of just worked by itself!

Now you can steal my proven formula to help you reach your goals with a working
and duplicable system!

This week we are accepting first beta testers! First come first serve!

We are using the live data from Twitter, Reddit, google trends, Facebook and Solume to calculate and analyze social media volume and sentiment comparison to the price of cryptocurrencies.

The system automatically gathers the top tweets on each currency and lets you track and analyze the dependency of the price and social media volume. Recent studies have shown that the price of a cryptocurrency directly depends on the social volume and the level of its public interest. You can also set alerts to see which coins get a spike in social volume and Sentiment in the last 24 hours.

The system also allows you to sort the coins the way you want; You can click on the charts to zoom in. The recent top 3 tweets are also displayed automatically. If they are not in English, the google translate button will appear.

This quick search engine allows you to get access to the database of upcoming important news for any of the thousands of supported coins!

Find out all about upcoming big events, airdrops, big announcements, wallet updates, listings on big exchanges, forks and all other price boosting events.

A set of essential indicators for any serious crypto traders such as Ichimoku, Bollinger Bands, Fibonacci, RSI,

MACD and Market trends that not only analyze the past but also give real time smart money signals on the charts!

What are Weisenberg and Stallman ratings and how are they calculated?

The goal of Weisenberg and Stallman ratings is to help investors make an educated decision about the risks and rewards of each cryptocurrency by grading them from A to D.

Each currency is analyzed using Risk Index, Reward Index, Fundamentals Index and Technology Index.

In a bid to thoroughly evaluate risks, we also take into account the price fluctuations and recent “crashes.” The proprietary formulas are developed by Dr. Weisenberg and Stallman, experts in stock and crypto market trading.

The ratings are fully automated, unbiased and updated automatically.

I really want you to succeed and get the results you are striving to achieve. I really want to hear your success stories on how the crypto investing worked for you, and allowed you to achieve your goals!

And, by the way, don’t forget to check out the bonuses! We have prepared a lot of good surprises for you. Now let me thank you again for joining the group, and let’s get started!

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